ICU offers more than you need all under one roof.

  • Computer Refurbishment

    Computer Refurbishing

    Refurbishing process:

    Our refurbished computers are highly rated for many years because of our refurbishing technical experts who make the process of refurbishing long but sure.

    The process begins with total assessment of the system. Inspect the internal and external components of a computer. We test the computer components thoroughly. As part of the refurbished technology process, some original parts are enhanced.

    We replace the used computer components with new technology other than that the device originally came with, such as the additional RAM, Hard Disk, DVD ROM, Operating system and other application software.

    This makes our refurbished computer have less competition from other dealers.


    • Refurbished computers have no factory errors, and mainly upgraded from its original processing speed.
    • We resell the units at prices lower than new computers on the market or we donate the refurbished computers to schools or charities through our affiliate’s “Computers for Uganda”, which explains why our refurbished computers come with a 1 year guarantee.
  • Lab Installation

    Every School needs a Library, where information can be sought from. A Computer Laboratory will add more value to the Library by expanding the Library Catalogue ten fold.
    We Give every school a chance to have an electronic Library, by providing up to 20 computers for the Starter Package that will help you get started.

  • Genuine Software

    For Schools, we offer Licensed Educational Software such as Microsoft Encarta(different Editions) with Premium for Kids,
    PILL, Digital Library Suites, Typing Tutors, Security Solutions, Classroom Management for Teachers and so much more.